SIMONE HEIJHOFF – Founder of Youki

We live in an amazing time, full of chances and opportunities. Many people however, live so much on autopilot, that this affects their happiness at work and in their personal life. Results remain mediocre whilst potential is enormous.

After a successful corporate career, a major burn-out and a personal crisis, I decided to become an entrepreneur and started my own company, Youki. I collaborate with an (inter)national network of professional trainers and coaches

Our mission is to inspire individuals, teams and organizations to success and sustainability, so that together we create a beautiful future. A journey of more balancing the head and the heart.

Youki inspires to become more self-aware and development on mental and emotional aspects of being human – linked to both the physical and spiritual aspects, like purpose, meaning and wellbeing.

Depth and results inspire me. Good preparation is always important to me, but in the moment, I trust my intuition.  Often, I name what is left unspoken, because I want to talk about what really matters. The core is where real impact is created. Words that describe me are: empathetic, vulnerable, powerful, direct, respectful and safe. I listen, include what is sensitive and also create lightness with humor. 


Future-oriented leaders and organizations create with attention.



Youki provides training, coaching and keynotes for individuals, corporate teams and organizations. Our formula for success is a powerful combination of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and personal development. Amongst other services I designed training ‘Connect’ and coaching program ‘Optimize’. I am one of three certified Dutch ‘Search Inside Yourself’ trainers, and an accredited trainer in the ‘Wim Hof Method’ (The Iceman).

Because of my corporate knowledge and experience, I am able to communicate these matters clearly and pragmatically. I have worked with corporate companies like EY, PVH, Sony, ING, FrieslandCampina, Allen & Overy and Randstad.



My passion is working with pioneering companies who find mindfulness, emotional intelligence and personal development  important fundamentals for a healthy and enjoyable company culture. Together, we focus on success and sustainability.

A future-oriented organization has a shared purpose. Here, people take responsibility for themselves and each other. Employer and employees are happy with each other and collaborate for optimal results, both professionally and personally.

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