This session is for you if you find yourself stuck in any way, or if you want support to unleash your potential more fully. This coaching will bring you clarity in a short amount of time.

Our formula for success has a strong foundation in mindfulness, emotional intelligence and personal development.

We have a corporate background, which enables us to truly understand the challenges of business professionals, corporate teams and organizations. We love ambition and results, but only in combination with health, well-being and happiness.

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To get the most out of this session we will do some preparation work. After our session, you will have more clarity about where you currently stand, where you want to go and what you need to achieve success and sustainability.
Following our session, you will receive a unique proposal based on your situation.  

I’m the coach for you if you are ready to get to know yourself a little deeper, to live with attention and to make more conscious decisions. Clients come to me with issues like:

  • I want to develop more attention/mindfulness
  • I want to develop my emotional intelligence
  • I want to reach my full potential
  • I want a better work-life balance
  • I am (almost) burnt out
  • Leadership issues
  • I want to know what I really want 

ABOUT SIMONE – Founder of Youki

I am driven by depth and results. Good preparation is important for me, but in the moment, I trust my intuition. I often verbalise what is left unspoken, because I want to talk about what really matters. I search for the core, because that’s where real impact is created. Words that describe me are: empathetic, vulnerable, powerful, direct, respectful & safe. I listen, touch what is sensitive and create lightness with humor.

I work with people who are willing to take an honest look at themselves and want to invest in their own personal development. I inspire and support you to explore and reach the goals that matter to you.

People with goals in life succeed because they know where they are going.

“I am more self-aware”
Before I started ‘Optimize’, I was unsure of the direction I needed to take in my career. I was feeling unsure and was looking for a leadership style that suited me. When we started the program, I found it was quite confronting. Simone supported me in a respectful manner and was able to quickly get to the core. She adapted the program to my needs while keeping it light and fun. I have gained very valuable insights and have become aware of my personal values. ‘Optimize’ has enabled me to better fulfil my management role based on my personal motivations and talents. I have more peace, attention and focus on the things that matter to me. I recommend this program to anyone who wants to gain insight into themselves. Investing in yourself is always valuable. Simone also showed her own vulnerability, which made it easier for me to open up. She’s a wonderful person and her positive vibe is contagious.

Susanne Kersten – van Santen
Manager Strategy, Finance & Control

“My life truly is optimized”
After a stressful period in my life I was close to a burn-out. I wasn’t happy, professionally and personally. ‘Optimize’ coaching taught me how to create stillness for myself and tackle my problems step by step. The whole process was pleasant and I felt like I was making valuable strides with every session. A lot has changed over these four months. Given how I am currently feeling, it worked extremely well. Simone is direct and capable of pointing out your blind spots. Her own experience in doing this is very valuable. I am now capable of taking that important step back, to evaluate where I stand and where I want to go. Thanks to ‘Optimize’ and Simone I am now able to enjoy life to the fullest again.

Nick Sandbergen
Business Controller

“This program has enriched my life”
Before I started ‘Optimize’, I suffered from insecurities, rumination and negative thoughts and emotions. I have gained valuable insights and practical tools that I could apply in my life immediately. Simone is very capable of sensing what someone needs, and constantly adjusted the program to my requirements. She has a depth of knowledge and her meditations were really profound. I wish everyone could experience progress similar to what I have been able to make during my personal development journey.

Marga Brunekreef
Financial Specialist


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