A inspirational session is a wonderful way to connect and together gain new insights and perspectives. This often inspires small or bigger changes. Keynotes. speeches and workshops are a valuable investment in the development of individuals, teams and organizations. Youki creates offerings with a lot of attention and we ensure a combination components, like; knowledge transfer, a scientific foundation and interaction with the audience.


Simone Heijhoff is an international speaker. She speaks at conventions, seminars, events and in-company workshops for various organizations. Her style can be described as clear language, good substantiation, a healthy dose of humor and connection with her audience.

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Keynotes & Workshops

Simone is an expert in the field of corporate mindfulness. She strives to understand her audience and adjusts her sessions to her clients needs as well as the knowledge and experience of her participants. Her talks vary from introducing mindfulness, to deep dives into a particular theme from a mindfulness perspective.

‘Emotional Intelligence’

Keynotes & Workshops

What are emotions? What is emotional intelligence? What role do emotions play in daily life? In our relationship with ourselves, with others and in the workplace? Future-oriented leaders are familiar and comfortable with their own emotions and the emotions of others. They actively use emotional intelligence in their leadership to achieve success and sustainability..

Custom Keynotes & Workshops

The base of Youki is a unique combination of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and personal development. Based on this powerful foundation, we love to create custom keynotes, speeches and workshops for our clients.

Topics we have previously spoken on include: mindfulness, emotional intelligence, (personal) leadership, burn-out, work-life balance, how to handle challenging conversations, mental health and brain training. We love co-creation, and we enjoy thinking with you about what would best fit your needs.

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