Training ‘Connect’ is Youki’s solid foundation. This program was created by Simone Heijhoff, founder of Youki, and combines her knowledge and expertise in the fields of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, leadership and personal development. This successful program focuses to develop attention, self-awareness and connection.


‘Connect’ has been constructed in a unique way and enables a strong personal connection and more powerful connections with others. As a result, relationships and collaborations will improve significantly. This program can be offered in various ways in a business context or in an individual setting.

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‘Connect’ is focused to develop more connection. Self-awareness makes it easier to manage yourself, build relationships and work together effectively. The succeskey for this program is Youki’s unique combination of mindfulness, emotional intelligence and personal development; backed by science and very practical with easy to integrate tools and exercises.



  • An increased capacity for attention, concentration, focus, memory and learning.
  • Living with more attention and intent, instead of  on ‘auto-pilot’.
  • Increased self awareness makes conscious decision making easier and boosts motivation. 
  • Improved communication, social skills, collaborations and relationships.
  • More resilience, creativity, relaxation, well-being as well as better results.

ABOUT SIMONE – Founder of Youki

My goal is to positively impact the development and optimization of individuals, teams and organisations. I focus on balance, clarity and focus, which creates (personal) leadership. Every organization and every individual is unique. In my collaborations, I really want to get to know my clients to explore what specifically works for you and your organization.


Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom

“Our management team works together more consciously and effectively

Our employees make a personal difference to our guests. We value caring for our employees, and we aim to support them in their health and wellness. Over five weeks, Simone gave a mindfulness training to eleven people in our management staff. She has guided and motivated them to take this journey with her. By introducing scientific research, she even got the most sceptical participants on board. They learned what stress does to you, ways to become more self-aware, how to function within a group and how to stay calm in a stressful environment. The feedback from the participants was overwhelmingly positive. They have gained personal and professional insights and the sessions have brought the team closer together. Simone has a calm and warm personality and is very clear in the way she speaks. Her respectful manner has created a lot of trust within the group. This mindfulness training is truly a gift for any individual and is definitely valuable for management teams who want to work together more consciously and effectively.


Nynke Offringa
Human Resources and Training Manager Benelux

“Less stress and more peace of mind”

I always had a lot on my mind. I was experiencing stress and I wasn’t sleeping well. From the first lesson of the ‘Connect’ training, I immediately noticed how easy it was to relax, to deal with thoughts differently and to reduce stress. Supported by my own breath, I have regained leadership over my own thoughts. Youki’s programme is enjoyable, insightful and educational. I recommend the programme to anyone and advise you to be open and to give it a chance. Simone is a very pleasant person – calm and relaxed, and intrinsically motivated to help others. Mindfulness meditation is the key to a conscious life.


Björn van Coeverden
Sales & Marketing Expert

“I have a much quieter mind and life”

As an entrepreneur I have a fairly hectic and stressful life. Through meditation I now experience peace and space. I have become more aware of my reactions and the choices I make. I thoroughly enjoyed the programme, which was a captivating combination of theory and practical exercises. Simone is very empathetic, driven and clearly enjoys what she does. She holds up the mirror in a friendly and humorous way. I now have a much quieter mind and life. Everyone can benefit from this.

Esther van West


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