This very successful Google-born program will teach you mindfulness, neuroscience & emotional intelligence:

– how to deal with a turbulent, fast-paced & dynamic world
– how to manage your attention, concentration and focus
– to connect to your motivation and stay resilient  
– how to lead with empathy & compassion
– very practical exercises to manage yourself & thrive 
   performance, leadership & wellbeing


Option 1: (English)
Sat 31 Oct, Sun 01 Nov, Sat 07 Nov, Sun 08 Nov 2020
09:00 am – 13:00 pm
+ 28 day challenge: 09 Nov – 06 Dec
Closing session: 06 Dec 10:00 – 11:00 

Option 2: (English)
Fridays: 06, 13, 20, 27 November 2020
09:00 am – 13:00 pm
+ 28 day challenge (30 Nov – 27 Dec)
Closing session 28 Dec 10:00 – 11:00

Intimate Community Programs – Only 22 participants !

€600,- until 16 Oct (option 1) & 23 Oct (option 2)
€675,– until 23 Oct (option 1) & 30 Oct (option 2)
€750,- until 30 Oct (option 1) & 05 Nov (option 2)

Do you recognize any of this:

You regularly feel overwhelmed, stressed or busy
When you want to concentrate you get easily distracted
At the end of the day, your to-do list is even longer…
You are sometimes impatient and loose emotional stability when you don’t want to
You don’t have enough time and energy for yourself and loved ones

What to do?

How much longer do you want to keep up with this? You already know that you are tired of being tired. That if only you had a little more time and headspace, you would be more effective, like yourself better and be a better spouse, parent, friend, colleague etc.
Chronic stress effects your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Are your ready to break this pattern?
Do you really want to do it differently now?
Will you step into your own leadership?



This program is also for when you feel quit good and just want to know more about how to thrive as a human being!



Improve your Attention,
Concentration & Focus

Learn more about
Effective Communication

Lead with
Empathy and Compassion

About this Search Inside Yourself Training

Who puts effort in developing and strengthening attention, concentration, focus as well as empathy and compassion is more successful in both business and private life. Self-awareness improves your balance, leadership and wellbeing and at the same time your performance and relationships too. The Search Inside Yourself program has been developed at Google with this approach. It is created by several experts in mindfulness, emotional intelligence and neuroscience. SIY is globally taught by a handful of certified trainers.

Take your chance and buy your ticket(s) now!


Sat 31, Sun 01 Nov, Sat 07 Nov, Sun 08 Nov
09:00 am – 13:00 pm

Online Training (Zoom)

+ 28 day challenge (09 Nov – 06 Dec)
Closing session 06 Dec 10:00 – 11:00

Only 22 participants,
get your ticket now!


Fridays: 06, 13, 20, 27 November
09:00 am – 13:00 pm

Online Training (Zoom)

+ 28 day challenge (30 Nov – 27 Dec)
Closing session 28 Dec 10:00 – 11:00

Only 22 participants,
get your ticket now!

Who should attend this Search Inside Yourself program?

People join Search Inside Yourself programs for many reasons, including personal development and experiencing SIY before bringing it to their company. Consultants, coaches and therapists also enroll in SIY to evaluate how to adopt the principles in their own work. Some attendees are new to mindfulness and meditation, while others are longtime practitioners. This program is for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

What should I expect at this Search Inside Yourself program?

This SIY is an interactive two-day, online training, followed by four weeks of online challenge and recommended peer-to-peer practices to sustain and integrate learning and self-directed growth from the inside out. SIY includes sessions on mindfulness (the science of being present), self-awareness (understanding your thoughts, emotions and habits), self-management (skillfully managing impulses and reactions), motivation (aligning your values and work), empathy (understanding others’ feelings and experiences) and leadership (influencing with compassion).

SIY results

 Improved Performance

Research shows that we are on autopilot 47% of the day. You can improve your focus, memory and learning capacity by training your attention. Self-awareness and self-management help to release stress and make you more effective.

 Better Leadership

You gain insight in what is most important to you. Decision-making becomes easier and you become stronger, more confident, resilient and positive. You follow your own way with ease, have a positive impact and inspire others by being who you are.

 Less Stress

We will give you very practical tools to develop and maintain mental and emotional strength and health in this modern, dynamic and busy world. So that you can prevent the number one occupational disease (stress).

Global SIY program partners



Do you have questions?
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The Search Inside Yourself Program in 5 Steps

Step 1: Pre-Assessment

As a first step in the Search Inside Yourself program, you will receive a short, clear survey with concrete questions in the field of mindfulness and emotional intelligence. With your answers we will make pre-measurements of your personal score and a group overview.

Step 2: Two-day Online Training

On the online training days we come together via Zoom. These moments are highly interactive and experience oriented. About 1/3 consists of theory and 2/3 is about self-exploration, exercises and application, so that SIY is a transformational experience for you. We expect that you have your video and sound ON.

Step 3: 28-day Online Challenge

Right after the online training days we step into a 28-day online challenge together. You now have a lot of practical information and exercises, but this will only be of benefit for you when you really integrate this in your daily life. In these 28 days we will help you apply what you have learned. Through daily reminders and concrete and practical exercises you will quickly notice benefits and results.

Step 4: Post-Assessment

After the 28 day challenge, we will share a second survey with you. By comparing your answers with your previous answers, we can measure your personal growth domains. This also allows us to make a summary for the group. To measure is to know!

Step 5: Closing Webinar

To close the Search Inside Yourself program, we come together one more time in an online setting. We will share experiences, answer questions and provide you with practical tips and tools to maintain your mindfulness and emotional intelligence. We will give you new tools to strengthen these skills even more. We will make sure that this Search Inside Yourself program is a truly sustainable change for you.



Can cope with stress better


Experiences more calm & overview


Feels more connected to others

It has been exciting to work with Simone to realize how powerful mindfulness can be in a work environment. Simone always comes with great positivity, ready to improve the processes and fresh ideas to ensure the best outcomes. We have educated more than 350 participants within PVH and heard a lot of positive feedback from associates, many seeing this program as a gift.

Anete Kabun
Learning & Development Coordinator
Simone has been more than a facilitator. She has been the guiding light taking the group through the incredible journey of understanding what mindfulness is and how practicing could have an extremely positive impact in our lives.

Alessandra Raimoldi
Senior Manager Learning & Development
The search inside yourself leadership training offers valuable practical ways to develop leadership by working with mindfulness. With the practices offered in the training you can work from the inside out; learn to improve the connection with yourself and with others by using mindfulness at the workplace. Simone has the ability to let you experience mindfulness in a gentle and very accessible way

Eefke van den Tillaar
Change Manager
Tata Steel
As an advocate of the diversity and inclusion movement, I have been asking how someone could realize that they have an unconscious bias toward certain groups and how to get rid of the bias: I found the answer in this course.

Soh Ling Loke
Global Program manager
I would highly recommend the Search Inside Yourself program as part of any leadership development curriculum. The content and case studies were relevant and accessible to a business audience. We were able to incorporate the exercises into our work immediately.

Karen Hershenson
Studio Leader
Procter & Gamble
A fantastic immersion into the techniques and benefits of mindfulness. An exploration of the elements of emotional intelligence and tips on ways to build this into your life.

Sarah Beagley

Your trainers*

Simone Heijhoff

View Bio +
Simone trains in mindfulness, EQ, leadership and development of teams and organizations. She works with individuals in coaching programs to optimize both business and private life. “I feel passion for what I do. There is so much beauty and pleasure in working with people and making connection. Connection with ourselves, with each other and with what is most important to us. When we get to understand ourselves better and operate from our why, the calm and creativity that arises is often amazing”. Simone is also certified in the WHM-method (the iceman), loves nature and traveling. *Simone is training both programs.

Deiric McCann

View Bio +
Deiric McCann is Head of International for Genos International, a world leading provider of Emotional Intelligence assessments and education offerings. He has 25+ years’ experience working with multinational clients to help them get the best from every person in their organisations. Author of Leadership Charisma and other books that emphasise the critical role of engaging people to achieve business success, his particular expertise is helping clients and partners implement EI based solutions that deliver measurable Return on Investment – he speaks on regularly around the world.*Deiric trains on the 31st of October and the 01, 07th and 08th of November, together with Simone Heijhoff.

Simone Boecker

View Bio +
In the past 14 years, Simone worked with many corporate leaders as consultant and HR manager to improve leadership and team effectiveness. Through her own experience with mindfulness, she began to realise that outstanding leadership and collaboration starts within. It starts by being more present and self-aware, by managing our emotions more skillfully, by having an open mind and open heart to better connect with others. Simone now also works as a leadership coach helping leaders and professionals to grow these inner qualities by using scientifically proven strategies and tools.* Simone Boecker is training on the 06th, 13th, 20th and 27th of November, together with Simone Heijhoff.


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What if I purchase a ticket and then can't make it?

If you’re unable to attend this program after you have registered and paid for, there are a couple of options:

  • Transfer to another participant: Tickets are fully transferable to another person at any time. Contact Youki to give us the name, email and telephone number of the attendee in your place.
  • Partial refund: You are eligible for a partial refund of 85% until 1 month prior to the event. We charge a processing fee of 15%. Between 1 month and 2 weeks you can receive a refund of 50%. If you cancel within 2 weeks of the program you are not eligible for a refund. In exceptional cases like a Covid-19 contamination at a live program, we will make a situational decision, because we expect everyone to follow the guidelines of the Dutch RIVM. Before the event we will clearly communicate the then active regulations. Keep yourself up to date too via:

Registrations are not transferable between programs and we do not provide credits for future programs.  Refunds will be issued through Eventbrite, we can not influence their processing time.

What happens if this program is cancelled or rescheduled?
Conference Organizer shall not be held responsible for any delay or failure in performance of its obligations hereunder to the extent such delay or failure is caused by fire, flood, strike, civil, governmental or military authority, acts of God, acts of terrorism, acts of war, epidemics, the availability of the Venue or other similar causes beyond its reasonable control and without the fault or negligence of Conference Organizer or its subcontractors.  For one or more of such reasons, Conference Organizer may postpone, reschedule or cancel the event without liability on the part of Conference Organizer. In the event Conference cannot be held or is postponed pursuant to this section, Conference Organizer shall not be liable to attendee for any damages, costs, or losses incurred, such as transportation costs, accommodations costs, or financial losses. Conference Organizer will review refund and/or fee transfer requests, submitted in writing, for approval on a situational basis.
How do we take Covid-19 into account?

We follow all Covid-19 guidelines by the Dutch RIVM, Just before the program we will well- inform all participants by e-mail. During live programs we will ask everybody for attention for these guidelines. We expect everyone to follow these guidelines. Participants who do not follow the rules can be removed from the training without any refund. In case the training can not take place on location because of Covid-19, we will transfer this training to an online setting (Zoom). Extensive testing and experience have shown that our online training is just as successful.

Tip! Check with your employer if there is a training budget available for the Search Inside Yourself program.
Many organisations have an annual personal training budget available per employee. Check with your employer if it is possible to follow the Search Inside Yourself program for the personal training budget. This can often be booked under wellbeing/ illness or absence prevention or personal development/ leadership. We can provide an invoice for your employer.

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Simone Heijhoff

Gecertificied Search Inside Yourself Trainer