The story of Search Inside Yourself

Search Inside Yourself was born at Google in 2007. One of Google’s earliest engineers gathered a team om leading experts in mindfulness, neuroscience, leadership and emotional intelligence.

Major contributors to SIY included meditation teachers Mirabai Bush, Norman Fisher and Yvonne Ginsberg. Neuroscientist Philippe Goldin and business leaders Marc Lesser. SIY also drew extensively from the work and advisory of leading experts Daniel Goleman, Richard Davidson and Jon Kabat-Zinn.

This professional team together developed an internal course for Google employees and lovingly called it ‘Search Inside Yourself’. What a great name for the worlds’ largest search engine. The aim of SIY was and still is to help people develop the skills of mindfulness and emotional intelligence to create the conditions for individual and collective thriving.

Very quickly SIY become quite  popular training program within Google. Due to the high demand from external organizations, the independent non-profit educational institute “Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute’ was founded in 2012. The abbreviation is pronounced as ‘silly’ – to keep it light,

SIYLI has become a globally recognised institute. 100.000+ participants in 50+ countries and 150+ cities have now attended this wonderful program. SIYLI continues to work with Google as well as 300+ corporate non-profit and government organizations around the world, like: SAP, LinkedIn, the United Nations, Procter & Gamble and Salesforce.

It is a delight to be part of the SIYLI as one of their certified teachers in an amazing international network.

We Are A Global Community
Making Mindfulness And Emotional Intelligence
|Practical And Accessible.
Together We Are Workingtoward
A More Peaceful World
In Which All People Feel Connected
And Act With Compassion.

SIY Is Originally Designed For The Business World & Makes Complex Challenges Lighter

Search Inside Yourself is originally designed for Google Engineers and addresses the challenges of modern organizations. Complex issues like high levels of stress, chaos, change, uncertainty, disruption, communication, motivation, resilience, empathy, compassion and leadership are all discussed in a light way. The development of self-awareness is linked to one’s ability to focus and feel empowered and driven by personal values and purpose. The objective of the program is to deliver ROI on business and wellbeing.

SIY Is Very Well Designed And Substantiated With Scientific Research

The team of experts developing this program knew that it was essential to design this program with the highest quality and to substantiate the key elements with scientific research.
This program is very secular in nature, down-to-earth and concrete.and has been tested and improved for many years.  All program are being evaluated, with the feedback and new developments in the world,
SIYLI is continuously updating the content of SIY.

SIY Is Making Mindfulness And Emotional Intelligence Very Practical

Search Inside Yourself is making mindfulness and emotional intelligence very practical in powerful and empowering ways, that impact deeply and profoundly. During the program there is a high emphasis on practicing ways to incorporate these important concepts into daily life – at home and at work.
There is a wide mix of so called micro practices, short and practical exercises and longer, formal practices that you take special time for, 5 to 10 minutes or longer if you want to.
After the program there is a 28-day digital follow-up that helps you to integrate and create the sustainable transformation of being more aware, grounded, centred, aligned, connected and compassionate.

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